Kelowna Art Gallery hosts community show "The Games We Play!"
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What kind of gamer are you?

25 Jun What kind of gamer are you?

The games we play!

The 2017 Kelowna Art Gallery community exhibit is on now! This year, Keely Portsmouth (my ever-so-talented designer partner at Disney) and I were asked to help Laura Wyllie, (the superhero program director) to come up with a theme to excite the dynamic art and tech community. We wanted a variety of different pieces and interpretations on the theme, and we wanted a great turnout. We decided to try “The Games We Play!” because Kelowna’s art and tech community is growing and passionate. All our wishes came true—a record number of pieces were proposed, and the final result was a juried community show with approximately 50 contributors and 75 works. The opening broke gallery records for attendance.

Bartle’s gamer types

For the 4th year in a row, we got a small group together to do a giant group project (stay tuned for a blog about our “Ogobrogo” game), but Neil Hooson and I did a second piece—more of an informational display titled “How do you play?”—where we attempted to do our own visual/story interpretation of Bartle’s 4 gamer types.

Although we stuck with Bartle’s 4 gamer types as the title, we also incorporated more research around gamer motivation in each construct. (Please see our list of sources below). Very observant gamers might recognize a specific game reference in each poster.

Go check out the Kelowna Art Gallery!

Please go support all the talented creators and makers by checking out the front, community space in the Kelowna Art Gallery before September 17 2017 to see “The Games We Play.” It features gorgeous pieces by world-class artists and game designers including Jenny Weightman, Augusto Kapronczai, Morgan Long, Ashley Erikson, Russ Horton, Chris Hendricks, Erin Cinkant, Amanda Kadatz, plus SO MANY MORE who work at places like Disney Interactive, Yeti Farm Animation, Hyper Hippo, Sad Panda Studios, UBCO, etc. And don’t forget to stay a while in the Artist Garden where Dylan Ranney’s “Refuge” will take your breath away.

“How do you play?” references:

Bartle, R. Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit MUDs. Journal of MUD Research 1, 1 (1996).

Stewart, B. Personality And Play Styles: A Unified Model

Zichermann, G. and Linder, J. Game-Based Marketing: Inspire Customer Loyalty Through Rewards, Challenges, and Contests. Wiley, 2010.

Personality Types

Quantic Foundry The science of game motivation


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